Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6, 2011

Hi Everyone!

Sydney is doing so well! She walks without canes and looks great! She can also climb stairs without handrails! She still wears an AFO on her right foot, but she continues to get more function in her right foot and leg. She is still going to Physical Therapy once a week, which is very helpful, as Jason gives her tips on making her walking look more natural, how to turn, helps her strengthen, etc.

Great news - Sydney got into BYU! She is so excited! Her current plan is to pursue the Nursing program and then try to get into a Physical Therapy graduate program. (Yes, she has been inspired by her great nurses and therapists at the hospital!) We went to the Provo campus on Saturday to check out the housing, and Sydney is thinking of staying in Helaman Halls her first year. See the video above to see Sydney walking around campus.

What an exciting time in a young woman's life!


The Little Red Hen said...

Watch out BYU students....Sydney is about to arrive! Congrats Sydney (and Mom & Dad!)

Mary Bonham said...

Didn't I tell you she was going to BYU? Yay!! I might see her around campus in the Fall!