Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Today was amazing! Lance took Sydney into the rehab room to a walkway with parallel support bars on each side. They put her in a big sling to support her torso, then hooked the sling to a hoist on the ceiling. They pushed a button to pull the sling up until she was in a standing position. She held onto the bars with her hands to support the weight of her body. Lance sat in front of her on a rolling stool supporting her as well. She would then try to lift her leg with the strength in her quads and hip flexors and kick it forward to take a step. Boy, are those legs ever heavy! Lance helped her lift and move forward, but it was so exhilarating! It was hard to flex her feet to set her foot down properly, so he inserted braces into her shoes to keep her feet flexed. Wow, what an experience.

Sydney hit another big milestone. She was able to complete a log roll by herself! She did this rolling to both sides! She grabs her pajama pants to pull one leg into a bent position, which helps the momentum for the bottom half of her body, then wala! Over she goes! She used to love rolling off the bed at full speed when she was a baby – that must be why she picked up on this so fast!!

Just as we were thinking the day couldn't get any better, Josh, her OT, took her out to lunch at Subway! As Sydney has been working at Subway, she especially loves to eat there! Of course, she had to work for it! She had to roll herself all the way there, practice approaching and opening a door in a wheelchair (Josh helped), and roll herself all the way back. But it was definitely worth it! How amazing to take yourself somewhere on a beautiful, sunny day when you have spent the last week immobile in a bed!

To top off her day, her cousin Hali came down from Idaho and gave her a full manicure and pedicure, and fixed her hair. Not only does she feel great; now she looks great too! (Of course she is wearing the new PJ's Grandma bought for her as well!) Sydney had a bright smile on her face all day. It has been wonderful.

Thank you all for your sweet notes, prayers and support! Emma, Sydney's friend from Jr. Miss, called this week. She is President of the Glee Club, and they would like to dedicate their Fall fashion show and concert to Sydney and donate the proceeds to her medical expenses. What a generous thing to do! The youth of this generation are SOO amazing! Sydney's seminary class just sent a poster to her with a signed stack of cards – this is so helpful!

The silver lining to this is Sydney's parents and Grandma get to spend a lot of time with her – which is so nice! She is such an amazingly sweet, strong and inspirational girl. We are really enjoying this time with her as she usually has such a crazy schedule we only see her running out the door. We will treasure this time.

Thanks again for your support!


Sandy said...

Sydney, I look forward each day to reading about your progress. My brother in law had an extended stay in a hospital and had to do a lot of physical therapy. I remember he was exhausted and yet so encouraged after each session. Keep up the hard work! I think about you and pray for you daily.

Denine, I love to read your updates. So positive and cheerful!

Mary Bonham said...

Thank you for letting us be a part of this miracle-in-the-making! Sydney has such grasp on what is happening and she knows what she needs to do and what she needs others to do for her. She is AMAZING!