Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lot's of love for Sydney

I am not a family member to Sydney, but I am friend who is helping with this blog.  In the past week, this blog has been viewed 1,584 times.  It has been viewed by people in many states and some in foreign countries. 

With that many viewers, please take a moment to give Sydney a word of encouragement.  I'm sure she will appreciate not only having you keep up with her progress, but also will enjoy a personal mention from you.  Prayers are always welcome as well. 

She is doing well, let's help her all we can!


natalie ☮ said...

Sydney, every time I read your blog, I feel so happy and proud of the strong, positive young woman that you've grown into. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me and always being a good example. I honestly don't know what I would have done if I didn't have you, especially in middle school! Those were some VERY rough currents for me, but you made it a MUCH more enjoyable experience for me. I miss you so much and I wish we had been able to spend more time together these past few years. I can't believe we're seniors, WHERE has the time gone? Weren't we Mt. Ridge Huskies last week???
I'm trying to talk my mom into letting me go visit you for my fall break (October 15-16), I really hope this works out! I love love you so much, you are the biggest inspiration to me!
:) Love always, Natalie Spangler

Elizabeth Hackley said...

Sydney, every time I read your blog, I smile inside. I am so proud of all your accomplishments and amazing progress after only a week. I love you so much and I pray every day that you will be able to gain full mobility again. I know you can do it :) You are such a strong girl and you have and outstanding spirit that you always carry with you. Hopefully I can come visit you soon. You are a beautiful daughter of God and I know that will all the prayers and with the faith that you have, you will be able to recover. Love always,
Elizabeth Hackley

The Luke Family said...

It may seem strange for a 38 year old to call you their hero,but that is what you are to me. You inspire me and I find myself thinking of you all day long.
Can you believe what you have accomplished in a week?? Wow seems too small a word. You are amazing, hard working, loving, beautiful, dedicated and faithful. Wonderful things can only come to yo with a list like that!!!!
Keep up your amazing work!
Karyn Albrecht Luke

Cami said...

You don't know me, I just happened upon this blog through a friend. As I have read about your journey so far, your faith and spiritual strength has inspired me. I, too, have some physical challenges (Multiple Sclerosis) and it is always good to hear about another person's struggles, and the miracles that they are experiencing. Thank you for being you, and I wish you all the best. I will look forward to the day when you post for yourself, with a picture of you walking again. Until then, prayers are with you.
Much love, your sister in Christ,