Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, September 20

Big day today – Sydney graduated from the ICU! Her next destination is Acute Neuro Rehab, but as they do not have a bed available yet, she will be admitted to the hospital for a few days until they have space. The therapists have been training Mom, Dad and Grandma, and we are now responsible for passive range of motion exercises every hour (where we bend and stretch her legs and feet to keep the muscles flexible), position (where we rotate her every 2 hours from back, to side, to other side to avoid bed sores), and her fashionable sheepskin boots (which we take on/off after 4 hours to avoid foot droop). We have also learned how to put on and take off her turtle brace, and are observing and assisting with physical therapy.

Today Sydney practiced sitting in a chair. The therapist does a “log roll” to roll her on her side, pulls the blanket under her to slide her to the edge of the bed, holds her legs and torso to lift her into a sitting position, bear hugs her and pulls her into a standing position, pivots, and then sits her on a chair. Her goal is sitting in a chair for 4 hours over the course of a day. Sydney also practiced finding her center of balance so she can sit without tipping over.

Highlight of the day – getting her hair washed! She is now ready to model for VO5 commercials! (The brand of shampoo we found in the hospital). Low point of the day – the pain meds caused a lot of bloating and she had an extremely painful distended stomach most of the day – no fun! Another highlight – reading a giant card from the Primary kids, getting a cute stuffed animal and books, and a cute card from Maren. So sweet!

We have been asked about whether she can have visitors yet. In rehab visits are only allowed between the hours of 5pm and 8pm. Other than close family and friends, let's wait a while longer to allow Sydney to get her strength up. (And with close family and friends, please check with us so we can let you know if it is a good time/day). As she starts feeling better, I think she would love to have her friends stop by for a short (and positive) visit to show support and love. This is a team effort – right?! For now, it would be better to send a card or post on the blog (I will read posts to her). She gets really exhausted from therapy and is still dealing with a lot of pain. (You may want to know it is her birthday on the 30th if you want to wish her a great day!)

Sydney is so grateful for all the love and support you have shown her. She has felt your prayers and the power of your fasting – it is working miracles! Thank you to our Methodist friends who are praying as well! To all, your comments and cards really lift her spirits and keep that beautiful smile on her face. This will be a long road, so I know she will appreciate continued support down the road as she focuses on an intense therapy regimen. I appreciate the delicious meals friends and neighbors have brought in, and the acts of service such as neighbors picking and bottling my fruit (wouldn't you know it would get ripe this week!) Thank you to Carin for setting up this blog for us, and thank you so much for all your phone calls, emails, texts and notes. At some point I will have an opportunity to return all these calls, but for now know that we feel your love, it has helped us, and we are very grateful.


Elizabeth Hackley said...

When I heard about your accident, I was so devastated. My thoughts and prayers have been with you non-stop since then. I'm glad to hear that you are beginning to recover and for the miracle that you are still with us. I pray for a quick recovery and that you will be able to gain full mobility again with time. You are such a sweet girl and I love you so much. I was just thinking about the fun and hilarious times we had in musical theater. My favorite memory was "berries and cream" :) You have such a strong testimony and your sweet smiling face always brightens my day. Love you always <3
Elizabeth Hackley

Peggy Evans said...

Denine and Sydney,

This blog and your upbeat, positive attitude are inspiring and a wonderful example to me. My prayers are with you and you are in my thoughts. Please know that there are many people you may not even know who are rooting for you. Keep up the positive thoughts. I know all this hard work in therapy is going to pay off.

Peggy Evans and family

Andrew Smith said...

i really would like to get her a stuffed animal before i go back to colorado. Who could i give it to to give it to her.

KenZ said...

Denine! I have decorations for Syd's room! lots of stuff from various people as well as me! so please could you leave some wall/ceiling room :) Plus could you tell me where sydney got her lightning pants? I'm planning to buy her a new pair for her B-Day. and could you keep it a secret please? I'd like to surprise her :)

Adriana Melendez Jaussi said...

Hi Denine (and Sydney),
It's Adriana Jaussi (formerly known as Adriana Melendez) I heard about Sydney's accident from my mom this past weekend. Just know my husband and I are both praying for you, Sydney and your family. We decided to participate in the fast on Sunday and have faith that in time all will be well. I admire the postive and optimistic outlook you both have, it's truly inspiring. Get well soon Sydney! *Hugs*

Lynn and Barbs said...

Dear Denine and Sydney,
Lynn and I were in California when we received a call about Sydney's accident from my visiting teacher. I am so grateful for the communication network in our ward. We were able to fast on Sunday and pray for you even while being in California. We pray for you many times a day and want you to know of our love and concern. Thanks for putting up this blog so we can track your progress and leave messages. We are so grateful to read about your progress. I wasn't surprised to learn you are a favorite of all the medical personel or that you are so positive. I can never remember you without a smile. We love you!
Barbara Bullock

Shannon said...

Sydney! I freaking love you and i was devastated when I found out that this happened to you. But I know entirely how you feel - entirely! So if you ever need a friend to talk to or vent to or anything at all really, i'm always here for you, babe! I love you and am so sad for you!

Mary Bonham said...

I really appreciate this blog. I appreciate hearing what is going on. It is so helpful to learn what is happening so as we keep Sydney in our thoughts and prayers, we can even be more specific in our requests to our Heavenly Father. I love her undaunted spirit! I think about her hard work in learning the piano - she is an AWESOME pianist - and I know she will continue to work even harder on her recovery! Such a beautiful young woman is such an example to us all.

Mary Bonham said...

Hey Sydney!! this is kelli. so glad to hear you are doing so well! i know you will do a lot better soon. just hang in there.

The Luke Family said...

Yay!! Great news.

We pray constantly for you all!!

The Little Red Hen said...

We are keeping you in our prayers. May the Lord's blessing of peace, comfort and healing be upon you all.

The Hadley Family

Khristy Huntsman said...

Hey Syd!!
It's Hayley. I'm so happy to hear that you are doing a little better, and my thoughts are always with you! Seriously girl, I don't think I've ever thought about someone so much in my entire life! Sunday school just isn't the same without you at all... it's just me and Brother Bowen now! Anyway, you truly are the most amazing girl, and I know that you'll be able to get through this! With your incredible postitive attitude, I know nothing will get in your way of recovery! :) I love you so much and I hope you start to feel better every day!
Love always,
Hayley Huntsman