Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today is the one week anniversary of Sydney being in Rehab. What an exciting week! We feel so blessed with the progress she has made. We are grateful for the skill and dedication of the staff in Rehab, and we are grateful for the blessing of her recovery. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers – it has really made a difference. Sydney's Bishop visited and gave her a blessing which was needed and really appreciated, as Sydney still has some key areas in her body that need to heal and recover, so if you can focus your prayers on this, we would really appreciate it.

I forgot to update you on her hamstrings and muscle spasms (and many have asked). We put a heat pack on her through the night, which really helped; she is on a new and stronger muscle relaxer, is getting a massage every day targeting especially tight spots, and we are gently stretching her throughout the day. This is really helping. She still gets spasms and has muscle tightness and pain, but not as severe as Sunday.

Pretty soon it is going to be difficult for Sydney to keep topping her records, but she had a record breaking day again today! She is back in the “grandma tights” so her blood pressure was better today. She walked 85 feet in the walker without a rest! She was totally wiped out when she finished, but she wanted to do it again, so they put her in a harness and she walked 90 feet! Wow!

In OT, she beat yesterday's arm extension record of 50lbs. by pressing 80 lbs! She is getting closer to her body weight of 97 lbs (yes, she is a lightweight!) In the 2nd session they upgraded her wheelchair from the “sedan” to the “ferrari”, and they timed her racing around the entire 12th floor. In the upgraded wheelchair she beat her time by 15 seconds! For the 3rd session they took her in the kitchen and stood her up next to the counter. She had to hold herself up and balance while reaching up to lift down items from the shelves. This was hard work, but she did it!

Tonight her grandparents from Idaho visited, as well as the “Big Kahuna” from Fox news! Quite the surprise! (Sydney's uncle arranged this). Sydney enjoyed both visits but is totally tuckered out.

We are looking into arrangements for Sydney to finish her Senior year so she can graduate. We are thinking as she gets her strength up Saturday might be a good day to work on homework as it is a lighter therapy day. We are thinking it will be a good idea to restrict visits during the week and have Sunday be more open to visits from close family or friends (although brief visits are best – anything longer than 10-15 minutes really wears her out, and we would still like to restrict this to only close family and friends for a little while).

Thank you for all your love and concern! We feel your prayers! Sydney has great faith she will walk and remains optimistic and positive every day. Thank you for the many acts of service you provide for Sydney and our family!


Mary Bonham said...

It has been a week of extremely hard work with very satisfying results. Thank goodness Syd knows how to work so hard. Prayers and hard work are accomplishing this miracle.

John said...

Actually it was The Big Budha, not The Big kahuna, but nice try Denine. Love you Syd. Working on other visitors too.

The Little Red Hen said...

Wow Sydney, you are doing so much & so fast for this type of injury. Pretty soon, OT may have you cooking. A favorite of our OT's in our hospital is brownies....and everyone will come running if they do this:) We will keep you in our prayers as always. We also will now include 'school' in our prayers for you as well. "Be ye not weary in well doing....."

The Hadley's

Angelee and Samuel said...

Hey Sydney and family!! Happy 18th birthday!! Please know we are thinking of you and love you, though we are far away!! lots of love!!!

Cyndy Woodman said...

Happy Birthday, Sydney!! I had to spend one of my b-days in the hospital also. It makes for good sympathy pictures later in life! It was almost 20 years ago that that happened and just a couple days my kids saw that picture and felt bad for me all over again! :) Lol! Love you!! Keep up the good work!!!

Cyndy Woodman

Lynn and Barbs said...

Happy Birthday Sydney!!You have had a week of hard work and amazing results. Today you can celebrate your 18th birthday and your amazing progress! You are always in our thoughts and prayers.
Barbara B.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Sydney!
We hope you have a wonderful day today! This world definitely became a better place 18 years ago. Keep up all the great work and know that you are very loved. xoxo Kerry and Family

Pat Pymm said...


Julie said...

HaPpY biRtHDaY to yOu!

Thinking of you on your birthday. Hang in there, and have a GREAT DAY!

Weston and Savannah Buswell

Patti Tew said...

You are a very loved young lady
and a great inspiration to all
of us.
Keep up the hard work in your
rehab sessions and pretty soon
you will be walking to those
sessions. You are always on
my mind and in my prayers.
love you lots
Patti Tew

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Sydney! It probably sucks to have your 18th birthday in the hospital, but I'd be willing to bet you are making the most of it. I spent my 16th birthday in bed because I dropped a heavy ceramic plate on my head (hard to imagine, I know...I'll tell you about it some time) and got a concussion, which hardly compares to your injury, but still, I remember feeling all sorry for myself, haha!

The Young Women have been thinking of you this week, and yesterday at YW's. They all...from the Laurels to the littlest Beehives...miss you!

Hope to see you soon... Have some cake for me!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sydney!! We tried calling you, but no answer. Sorry we missed you. We sent a little something your way though. Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you! Miss you tons! Love to you from all of us.
Your Oregon Cousins

Judi said...

Hey Sydney, we all want to wish you happy birthday and send our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery! We love you so much and you're in our thoughts and prayers constantly. What incredible progress you're making! Denine, what an awesome mom you are! We love your family and know Heavenly Father's blessings will continue to come forth each day of your lives. You're a wonderful family with much love and inspiration to share with others. Sydney, hang in there! Know that we're praying for you and we're very, very proud of you for all your hard work and faith! Much love, Judi, Bob & Jackie Ghent