Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sydney started out the morning attending a 30 minute church service at the hospital. The room was packed! Most attendees were church missionaries assigned to minister at the hospital, along with a few patients who were well enough to attend. Sydney really enjoyed the service, but found that 30 minutes in a wheelchair is a long time! She was pretty sore by the time we made it back to her room.

On the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), the therapy sessions are cut in half, but patients still receive limited therapy to get them out of bed, out of their rooms, and to keep their muscles stretched out.

For physical therapy, Misty wanted to have Sydney practice walking again – which is exactly what Sydney wanted to do! Unfortunately, Sydney's hamstrings had tightened up so much she could hardly move her legs without triggering severe spasms in her back. After a few very painful steps, the remainder of the session was spent trying to very gently stretch Sydney's hamstrings. This was disappointing to Sydney and she shed a few tears, but we all know that any journey consists of peaks and valleys. It takes courage and faith to continue moving forward even when we encounter small setbacks and challenges along the way.

For occupational therapy she joined a group of patients to learn breathing, relaxation and imagery techniques to help you deal with stress and anxiousness related to traumatic injuries, as well as to help you deal better with pain. This was helpful and timely, and helped Sydney get through a few more painful stretches. We will need to give her hamstrings some time this week to loosen up.

When Sydney received her lunch tray, the SunChips bag said:
“Big changes can come from small steps.”

It seems that everywhere we look we receive inspiration! We believe it is through the small steps we take every day, even under adversity, that we are able to move forward! Thank you for all your love, prayers and support! Thank you also to my mom's stake which is also praying for Sydney!


Julie Daines said...

Sydney--I'm so impressed by your strength and positive attitude. You really are a wonderful and amazing young woman. What an inspiration! I've always admired your talents, ambition, and the wonderful testimonies you've shared with our ward.

Our family continues to keep you in our prayers, and especially little Maren asks about you all the time. I think she kind of admires you. When you last spoke in our ward, she leaned over and whispered, "Mom, she is so pretty."

Keep up the hard work. I know it must be a great challenge to endure the pain that comes with physical therapy, and the disappointments. We can't wait to have you back in our ward! We miss your sweet spirit--and your beautiful voice in our choir!

Love, Julie Daines

Brett Gau said...

Sydney, you are amazing, girl! I just barely learned about this blog from Tyler. I'm so happy to hear that your condition is improving!

You are an incredibly strong, beautiful daughter of God, and I know you have the strength in you to achieve whatever goals you wish to accomplish!

We'll keep praying for you at the Highland Subway, so keep impressing us with your awesome progress, okay? :D

Brett Gau said...

Oh, and before I forget... Let us know when you'll be available for us to come visit you! Because we're gonna want to do that!

wk said...

Sydney, keep up the good work! It will all be worth it. Do not get discouraged. You are strong and have a full life ahead of you. I have been in your situation, use your inner strength and faith. You can still be the person you always wanted to be. Our prayers are with you in this challenging time of your life. If you ever want to talk about my very similar experiences, just let your dad know and I will make arrangements to come and visit you. I hope you are still practicing on your beautiful voice. You could be a rock star if you wanted to be. I hope you come and sing with my band again when you're feeling up to it. Your friend, Bill Bailey

Mary Bonham said...

Sydney: Ouch! Back muscle spasms are horrible! What a disappointment to not get to practice your walking for as long as you wanted to. Hopefully your hamstrings will loosen up quickly and you can get back to work!

dmdaines said...

Hello Sydney,

I miss having you in our ward and I am excited to see you again. I loved the last time you spoke in church. I will post on your blog alot. I really look forward to the next time brother Heyrend gives us the update in church. I am so proud of your strength. I love you.

Jacob Daines

dmdaines said...

Hi Sydney
I relly miss you! I am going to tell you the first part of my book.
Pen 10
Once apoun a time there was a lovly girl nomed Luci. One day she rode her bike. She found a strange line of trees. She got very curious and she walked down. And Luci found a small box at the end. As she opened it she heard a small noise.

From the one and only