Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Today was another momentous day! Lance gave Sydney the forearm crutches this morning and she walked 210 feet! She looked so good that in the afternoon session Lance gave Sydney canes to walk with! After she made her way across the gym and back, he said “I have good news and bad news.” Grandma Joyce said “we only want good news.” Lance said, “Well it is the same news. We are only going to use canes for now on!” Sydney considers this to be GREAT news! She told him last week that her goal is to be able to walk with a cane by the time she leaves. She is well on her way!

During her mid-day session, Lance had her practice the same exercises on the mat she did yesterday. (For example: lie down on her side, swing legs up, roll to back, roll to stomach, roll to side, sit up.) This was quite a challenge yesterday. Today he said he was going to time her. The challenge was on! He punched the stopwatch and she started flying! She flew through the whole routine in 10 seconds! He was so shocked he couldn't stop laughing! (Lance is a pretty reserved guy – so not a typical reaction!) He said “I should have clocked you ages ago!” He timed her for the other routines with the same results! When Sydney was done and went back to her room, she couldn't stop giggling, and then she started crying she was so happy!

The last event of the day was a trip to the Mall! A necessary skill for a teenage girl! Sydney bought a pretzel and practiced skills such as transferring from the wheelchair to the walker, walking to a table, sliding a chair out and sitting down in the chair. The fun part was going to the Sephora make-up counter! You don't really have time to put on make-up in the hospital! She walked up to the counter in her walker and balanced while applying eye make-up! (She even insisted that Josh try a little, and being a good sport – he did!) When she got back to the hospital, the therapists all gathered to her room to see how the trip was, and Lance took her picture since she was all dolled up!

She had such a happy day today! She is so excited about her progress! We are very grateful for how much she has been blessed. Thank you for your love, support and prayers!


SherylA said...

Terrific!!! Can't believe the wonderful progress! Keep it up Sydney. You go girl!!!

The Luke Family said...



Sandy said...

Sephora! Woot! Did you pick up some good makeup or perfume?

natalie ☮ said...

Oh my gosh, I can totally see Sydney crying from laughing too hard.. In fact, I HAVE seen it! Many times! I'm sooooo happy to hear she's staying so positive, I love her so much!!! <3