Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Well, Sydney went jogging today! Twice! (She is trying to keep fit! Ha ha!) Lance held one hand and her safety belt, and Brad held the other hand, and they ran her down the hall! She said this was very hard! She buckled a few times, but Lance held her up. It was pretty amazing to watch! Lance says that if she trips while walking, it is important to be able to speed up her gait (jog) enough to catch herself. She also walked across the gym again without using canes, with Lance holding onto her safety belt. Next, Lance had her walk with 2 big poles which helped her balance, but did not allow her to lean her weight on them (like canes). She looked like Moses with the 2 big staffs! We can't wait until she can walk without any assistance – that will be such an amazing day!

Of course, you know that Sydney tries to break her own records, right? Well today was no exception! She walked 500 yards in 2 minutes and 32 seconds, breaking her previous record of 3 minutes! She is getting fast! She can do this without any assistance except when she starts getting tired. After her successful morning session, Lance told Sydney he does not want to see her in the wheelchair around the hospital – only the canes. She can now walk down to the gym, around her room, etc. which gives her more time to practice her walking!

For her OT session, Sydney walked down to the hospital credit union with Ron and withdrew some money, and then went to the cafeteria to order Ron's lunch. (She ordered him a salad – which will keep him healthy!) She then carried the bowl of salad in one hand, and used a cane in her other hand and carried this back to the elevators and to her room! Quite the balancing act to carry something and use only 1 cane! Ron held onto her safety (gait) belt to assist.

For the second session of PT, Lance took Sydney outside for more all-terrain training! They went up and down a flight of stairs on the way out, and up and down a flight of stairs on the way back in. Outside she walked up and down a fairly steep wheelchair ramp (walking down was much harder). She also walked across rocks, wood chips and across inclines and slants. She is going to get such good balance!

It is so wonderful to watch Sydney's progress every day! We feel so blessed that she is recovering and doing so well! Thank you for your service, prayers, love and support!


natalie ☮ said...

That's incredible! Without the Lord's help, there is NO WAY Sydney could have recovered so fast. I love reading these blogs, I'm so so proud of her. :)

The Little Red Hen said...

What amazing progress you are making Sydney. Pretty soon they will have you doing kick boxing:)

The Hadley's

Mary Bonham said...

I appreciate the confidence that Sydney is building. It could be very nerve wracking to be doing so many new things every day, but Sydney just takes it in stride and continues to stretch and grow! Her accomplishments are astounding!

The therapists working with Sydney are amazing, aren't they? They think of new and exciting ways to teach Sydney all she needs to know! What a rewarding career! Syd must be their Star pupil!

judighent@yahoo.com said...

Sydney, we're so excited by the fantastic progress you're making every day!! Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. You continue to be in ours, and we look forward to being able to see you again soon. You're an inspiration and a testimony builder to many, many people. We love you!

Judi, Bob & Jackie Ghent

Elizabeth Hackley said...

That is so amazing !! I love hearing about all of Sydney's accomplishments. I am so happy for her and her hard work !! Great Job :) Love you

Lynn and Barbs said...

It is so exciting to read about Sydney's progress. Prayers are truly being answered. Hard work combined with faith can accomplish the seemingly impossible. Sydney is amazing!

The Luke Family said...

Woo hoo!