Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sleep, glorious sleep! Sydney had a great rest last night! She felt like a new woman today!

She started off the morning by getting dressed all by herself – which really impressed the OT!

In PT, she walked 282 feet without stopping! She is looking so smooth and controlled! She did so well, that Lance said she was ready to try crutches! It was a whole new technique to try to balance with crutches! She learned to carefully put the right crutch forward and out, and then take a step with her left foot; then carefully move the left crutch forward and out, and take a step with the right foot. She is very excited to learn how to balance while slowly using crutches. With the walker she could use her arm strength and lean forward to balance; but with crutches it is a whole new ballgame. She loves the challenge.

She practiced car transfers, getting into and out of her mom's car. Which means her mom could get cleared in the future for a “pass” to take her on an outing! Something to look forward to!

Pumping weights is paying off, as she can now lift herself from the bed to the wheelchair without a transfer board. Lance also said she can soon start using her walker in the room instead of the wheelchair; although this will officially be cleared after we see the results from a cat scan they took today, to make sure her back is healing properly. (The x-rays from yesterday look great – now they are just checking the tissues).

We hope you are all doing well! We can't wait to see what Sydney does tomorrow! Ciao!


Mary Bonham said...

Very, very happy for your progress! Tonight in the temple, a prayer was said that those on the prayer roll would have the desires of their heart. I knew you, Syd, were on the prayer roll (I added you last Friday just to make sure your name stays on the roll) and I was thrilled with that pronouncement. I immediately thought of you! You go, girl!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sydney! You are such an inspiration to us all. You are incredible! You are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Sending lots of love your way. xoxo Kerry

Bob said...

Hey, Sydney! We are all simply in awe of your determination, your physical, and spiritual strength. We continue to send love, good thoughts, and prayers your way daily. We're so amazed at the progress you're making! We'll see you soon, kiddo! Bob, Judi, and Jackie.

The Little Red Hen said...

Sydney and Family:

We are in awe at your progress and are grateful that Heavently Father is so aware of you all. May you continue to improve so that you can say "I got skills!"

When Bishop Starley said from the pulpit (in regard to your situation) "I believe in miracles"....I believe he was right.

Best Wishes,

The Hadleys

Khristy Huntsman said...

Sydney! I am so amazed at how quickly you are progressing! You are such an awesome example of hard work, commitment and faith!!! I love reading your blog. You inspire my entire family daily!!! Keep working hard and you will be blessed!

PS...we want to visit you on Sunday! Hope that's okay!