Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Although Sydney has never been into sports and working out before – she is turning over a new leaf! In addition to working out every day, she played baseball with Pam today! This was very tricky trying to balance and not fall over, while also trying to hit the ball (which was hard for Sydney even before the accident!) These therapists are so creative!

Sydney has also discovered that you don't need any special “Stairmaster” equipment to get a good workout - just climb stairs! She had quite a workout climbing up and down 14 stairs with assistance (yesterday was just 3 stairs). This was very difficult. She is trying to build her strength for climbing stairs in our home, as her bedroom is on the 2nd floor! You are thinking we are really mean parents to make her return to her 2nd floor bedroom! Sydney is the one who really wants to return to her bedroom; but we do have a backup plan of putting a bed in the dining room if the stairs are initially too much.

She did some more walking – holding one cane, and holding Grandma's hand. Lance also had her workout on the mat to strengthen her balance.

In OT we talked about how to adapt our home to accommodate Sydney's current level of mobility and strength. We tried out a few different kinds of chairs to put in the shower, talked about different kinds of wheelchairs (she currently doesn't have the endurance to walk long distances), and discussed wall rails and other conveniences to make it a little easier once we get her home. This will be an adventure – we will be so excited to have her home!

Thank you Ms. Wenz's chemistry class for the fun poster! Thank you everyone who visited this week! Thank you for the sweet letters and notes and kind acts! Sydney loves you all and is so cheered up by your support!


Mary Bonham said...

From 3 stairs to 14 stairs in one day! Really incredible! Your strength is coming along nicely! Have a fun weekend trip home! Won't it be great to get to stay in your own bed! Aaahhhhh!

The Little Red Hen said...

Excellent progress Sydney! We look forward to having you back in the neighborhood!

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