Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sydney had another fantastic day today! Lance decided to increase the challenge. Why just walk down a hall? Sydney climbed up and down stairs holding to rails. Although this was very hard, she did a great job! Lance also took her outside to practice stepping over a curb and onto a sidewalk with the assistance of canes. Although this was also very hard, she did very well! So many muscles to train!

Speaking of muscles, Lance had Sydney practice standing and sitting, and also had her work on strengthening her core muscles by kneeling on the mat in front of a big plastic ball while her mom hit balloons to her. She also practiced getting out of her chair and crawling up onto a raised mat. We are so grateful to have a therapist who knows what he is doing! He knows how to zero right in on areas to strengthen!

In OT, Ron let Sydney cook her spaghetti dinner! Delicious! You gain a new appreciation for everyday mundane tasks when you see how much effort it takes for someone without full strength and abilities! Altogether, this took about 2 hours (4, 30 minute sessions). Of course much of this time was spent learning how to go about a task (for example, how do you get a big pot full of water and onto the stove?)

We believe Sydney will come home October 30th (Halloween – one of her favorite holidays!) We are looking into outpatient rehab facilities to take her to once she gets home. We'll know more in a week or two. Meanwhile, they told us she can have an overnight “pass” to come home on a weekend to explore how we manage in the home environment. That will be fun to have her home for a night!

For those of you taking a vacation over Fall break – have a great time!


natalie ☮ said...

Fall Break is this upcoming weekend in St. George... my best friend and I are trying to make plans so that we can come up and visit Sydney Sunday. Wish us luck! :)
Sydney, I am so proud of you! You are the strongest, most amazing person. I am proud just to be called your friend. And last weekend at Shakespeare Competition, every time Lone Peak won something, I stood up and SCREAMED, just for you. The rest of my classmates were so confused. :)
I just love you! Hope we get to see each other SOON!!!!!
PS: Just so I know, what hospital are you at? And where should I go to ask to see you? You can email me at thsdramatick@me.com :) THANK YOU!!!!!

Cyndy Woodman said...

I don't write every day, but I do read your blog every day! Our family continues to pray for you!! I'm amazed beyond words at your progress!!! Sydney, you are so strong--physically, spiritually, socially, etc. I'm so impressed with what you've accomplished, and am excited to see what your future holds!!! Enjoy your visit home!!!

Much love,
Cyndy Woodman

Julie Daines said...

Sydney - did I mention you are our hero? What amazing progress you are making! We are so excited that you get to come home for Halloween! - Julie Daines