Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

We had some more miracles today! You may remember that Sydney has been unable to move her right leg below the knee (flex her foot, wiggle her toes, etc.) We were wondering if the recovery she was blessed with perhaps did not include her right foot and some other functions, and we did feel very blessed with the recovery she has already had. Then Sydney received a blessing from her Bishop where she was told these areas would heal. Tim prayed about this blessing a week ago and was distinctly told the Lord was waiting to bless Sydney, but needed her to exercise faith in Him for these ongoing miracles. These experiences were very heartening to Sydney, and she has exercised faith that these miracles would happen, despite medical expectations. Today her faith paid off! She can now slightly wiggle the toes on her right foot! WE ARE SO EXCITED! We are so grateful! Prayers are being answered! She is healing in every area!

Since this news is so exciting, a report of the rest of the day will seem very mundane! But I will tell you what Sydney did today anyway, as we want to look back on this experience and remember her progress. Today Lance had her walk with canes through environments more challenging than the hospital hall. She walked around the therapy room where she had to walk around objects, turn, walk sideways in a tight spot, walk backwards, etc. Then he took her outside and had her walk on grass, walk across a slant and up an incline. This was all very challenging, but she concentrated and did very well, and we know her strength will increase. Lance also had her climb up and down 2 stairs using just canes and not the rail. This was also very difficult – but she did it! We are so grateful we have Lance as a therapist! He knows exactly how to further her progress! He says Sydney's miraculous progress makes him look good; but we also know his skill and insight are just what we need to help Sydney progress to her full potential!

We are so excited by Sydney's progress! We feel so blessed! We are so grateful! Thank you for your continued prayers for her. Tomorrow is going to be a blast, as Sydney LOVES to dress up for Halloween, so OT and RT are taking her on an outing to shop for a Halloween costume! You will HAVE to trick-or-treat at our house to say “hi” to Sydney, as she is coming home on Halloween! Thank you for your love, support and prayers!


Anonymous said...

Reading this, it is hard to contain the gratitude I feel to a loving Father in Heaven for answering the prayers of His children. For rewarding Sydney's faith and extreme hard work in ways the world cannot explain. You are my hero. You are as great an example to me as is any of the heroes I find throughout the scriptures. People I seek to pattern my life after. I am thankful for you, Sydney and your faith and determination in knowing that all things are possible with the Lord. My testimony and my faith have truly been strengthened by your example. My thoughts and especially my prayers are with you many times throughout each day as well as into the night. I believe in miracles. I believe in you. We love you. You are AMAZING! Love, Kerry E.

Julie Daines said...

I can't help but think of the movie "The Princess Bride" and the scene when they are preparing to attack the castle, after Westly has been "mostly dead all day." Westly wiggles his head and the giant and Spaniard cheer for him, then Westly points out everything that is working against them, then says "You think a little head jiggle is supposed to make me happy?"

But your toe wiggle really does make us all so happy! Crazy how life changes and the little things really do become the big things! Love you! -Julie Daines

Jill said...

I am, once again, amazed at your progress. You are an inspiration to us all. Have fun shopping for Halloween costumes---I love Halloween, too!
Love ya!
Jill Cahoon

The Little Red Hen said...

Great job!

Mary Bonham said...

Thank goodness I was not wearing any makeup when I read this post!

Totally awesome! Have fun getting a cool costume!

Anonymous said...

You are truly a living miracle and an inspiration to ALL of us!
We love you and wish we were closer to come visit. If it weren't for all the weddings going on, we would be in car on the way (3 weeks for Rachael and Ben - and 5 weeks for Jared and Lisa).
We love reading your posts!! We look forward to a big family reunion when you are up to it, and a delicious spaghetti dinner!! :)
Aunt Sondra

Sandy said...

Wow!!! Yea!! So excited for the answer to your prayers and faith! That is the best news ever.

So...can adults come trick-or-treating to your house Sydney? Cuz I think I'm planning on it :)